Agrobigen Organization

Companies meet with universities throughout their business lives and research institutes meet with each other for scientific activities in order to designate their goals or establish strategies. The meetings in question comprise of events such as national and international scale congresses, symposia, conferences, workshops, seminars, panels, land applications, field days and etc. The main aim of such events is to share knowledge accumulated and attain new information.

Agrobigen Organization is organizing events such as congresses, symposia, conferences and workshops to be held by companies, the relevant faculties and departments of universities, research institutes and professional associations. The services covered are:

-  Preparing the concept for events conducting preliminary preparations, preparing printed material, websites, sponsor files, announcing them to relevant companies and conceptualizing them as a project.

-  Realizing and reporting events (preparing the hotel agreement, submitting registration and accommodation reports, preparing organization statistics and financial documents, event photos, CDs and etc.)