Agrobigen Consulting

Consultancy is generally defined as “providing information to business owners and factories which provide input to agriculture, such as fertilizer and plant protection factories, about the problems encountered during all the phases of production and business processes and the relationship among these; providing them with the skills to solve problems using technology; and providing that they add new products to their product profile”. Stakeholders receive consultancy from expert companies in order to obtain a greater amount of and better quality products in herbal production and produce high-quality products required by the industrial sector producing input to agriculture.

Consultancy services conducted by Agrobigen Consulting aim to:
-  In all the phases of herbal production realized in open or enclosed spaces, provide agricultural business owners or other bodies to whom it provides services with the required knowledge and skills; guide them in the realization of agricultural applications which lead to high quality and yield; giving necessary recommendations; and provide training required for the employees to do their job better.
-  Provide technical consultancy to factories which produce agricultural inputs such as fertilizer and plant protection factories to ensure the production of new products up-to-date and their effective use in agriculture; and in matters such as the licensing and registration of such products.