Agrobigen R&D

Research and Development (R&D) is generally defined as “creative efforts conducted systematically to improve scientific and technical knowledge accumulation and the use of that knowledge accumulated in innovative applications”. In a strict sense, R&D means the systematic and creative group of works conducted in a business aimed at creating new products and production processes. Today, one of the most important aspects contributing to the economies of countries is to be equipped with “Know-How”. The development of knowledge and methods directing high technology in Turkey is also dependent on R&D works. Agrobigen R&D is conducting agricultural R&D works.

Works conducted by Agrobigen R&D aim to:
-  Strengthen the technological infrastructure in agriculture, produce knowledge for new technologies
-  Reduce costs in the agricultural production sector, increase quality and productivity
-  Realize technology transfer and adaptation aimed at the needs of the agricultural sector
-  Commercialize technological and scientific knowledge produced
The activities carried out by Agrobigen R&D in the Research and Development processes are threefold:
-  Basic Research: Experimental and theoretical work processes in the field to conduct R&D, which aims to acquire new knowledge. No application is done.
-  Applied Research: This process involves goal-oriented applied works.
-  Experimental Development: Work phase aimed at developing new technology, product, system or service through the knowledge acquired during the basic research and applied research processes.

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